Frank Foxall

Frank has held board and leadership roles in the IT industry for more than 25 years, with Packard Bell, GE Capital IT Solutions, Camwood, and App-DNA. In 2008, Frank was an original founder and investor in App-DNA, a software company that offered a set of application management tools, which was acquired by Citrix in 2011 in a deal worth close to $100 million, providing a significant 32x ROI for investors. He led the MBO of Camwood’s venture capital investors, Matrix and Foresight, in a successful deal completed in 2012.

Currently the Chairman and Director at Camwood, an application management consultancy supporting the application migration strategies of some of the world's largest organizations. Frank is actively involved in looking at new opportunities for investment and strategic partnerships. In addition to investing in Norskale, he is actively invested in Rimo3an IT company that offers complex data aggregation and business process management solutions.

Mike Welling

Mike attended University of Brighton, UK, where he studied Business & Finance and Microprocessor & Computer Architecture. In 1995, he began his IT career in sales leadership positions, and then took on a role as Client Director at General Electric Capital ITSFollowing his role at GE, Mike was founder and CEO of Camwooda software company specializing in application management solutions, where he remains a major shareholder and non-executive director.

After his tenure at Camwood, Mike assumed the role of CEO of AppDNA, where he was responsible for all areas of the business, growing the company from a two-person startup to an established organization with 90 employees, operating in 5 countries and selling in over 25. He eventually led the acquisition of AppDNA by Citrix in 2011 for $100 million. Mike then served as General Manager and Vice President of the AppDNA division at Citrix for one year, where he was responsible for the Citrix integration of AppDNA.

Mike is currently Investor Director at Norskale and Rimo3, and serves on the boards of Camwood and Fedr8, an IT company that specializes in cloud migration / data transformation solutions.

Graham Norfolk

Graham is a chartered accountant and a founding partner at Acorn Capital Partners, a corporate finance and venture capital organization. He was recently nominated as Non-Executive Director of the Year at the Grant Thornton 2015 Quoted Company Awards for his role at Accumuli, an IT security solutions software company that was recently acquired by NCC Group for £50 million.

He is also non-executive director and shareholder at several companies, including Kinaxia, an investment company specializing in acquisitions in the UK haulage and warehouse sector; Thermotech Solutions, which provides mechanical services and fire protection solutions, and Once Upon a Time London, an integrated marketing services company.

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