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The leading solution for workspace performance

Norskale is an easy-to-use, 100% software solution that cuts the cost of desktops and applications, and delivers the best possible workspace performance—best application response times, accelerated logons, and a truly dynamic desktop—for any IT environment.

The Norskale solution and its benefits have been proven in large and small environments alike, including in an 80K seat environment that reached peak performance and simplicity of management after less than a week in production. 56% of users say that application reactivity and instant login are the main benefit of a new desktop.

Norskale ensures a constant high level of performance on any Windows device throughout the life of the device. Norskale delivers the functionality users need in only a few days, and offers a variety of licensing options for optimal flexibility and value. Norskale provides the best and most consistent user and end-user experience, while ensuring the lowest installation and management costs for all physical and virtual desktops and applications.

Why do CIOs and IT teams choose NORSKALE?

Reduce costs & increase ROI

Simplify workspace management

Deliver the best user experience

Simple & efficient architecture

Norskale is designed to be a simple yet powerful enterprise-grade solution. It is relied on in enterprise environments with tens of thousands of users. Leveraging a SQL Server database and developed in .NET 4.0, Norskale supports the latest technologies, yet keeps it all very simple. Microsoft synchronization technologies are also used to ensure a fast and reliable offline mode. 

Norskale eliminates complexity by replacing scripts, Group Policy Preferences (GPP), and Group Policy Objects (GPO), and seamlessly manages everything from application shortcuts to external tasks, leveraging multithreading technologies to process them at lightning-fast speeds. Was an application uninstalled or a network printer removed? In a single click, Norskale disables the action or removes the user from its resource group, and it's removed from the user workspace immediately without requiring a reboot. Create a new user or move a user to a new resources Group, and Norskale will automatically manage the updated workspace configuration, allowing you to automate all previously manual tasks that were needed to onboard a new user, or migrate to a new Windows platform.

To handle any specific customer’s configuration and replace even the most complex login scripts, actions can be built using dynamically generated values (logical string operations, special folders or values, etc.). Norskale can also execute specialized actions to be performed automatically when users reconnect to their published desktops.

Centralized management console

With Norskale, all of the functionality you need is centralized in a simple and intuitive console. For each User or Group in Active Directory, IT can create, customize, and maintain physical and virtual desktops with just a few quick clicks.

Context aware workspace

With more than 40 condition types, Norskale allows you to create dynamic environments where actions are automatically executed and reverted as needed. Norskale includes all of the conditions you will ever need and makes them readily available for use. Examples include assigning the correct network printers to an end-user, giving access to an application only under certain conditions, and performing various actions depending on geographical locations.

Customizable desktop user interface

With Norskale, the look and feel of each workspace is completely customizable. Easily customize and change Windows themes, wallpaper, splash screens, etc. 

Memory management

Norskale maximizes the performance of each desktop environment. The results are up to 25% more users per server and consistently fast desktop and application response times. CPU Spikes Management protects the system against abusively intensive application by managing their priority levels dynamically. It reduces each application’s CPU footprint on the system without making it unstable. Memory Management analyzes processes state and optimizes idle applications/processes. Norskale dynamically forces any apps to free up the overhead of memory it is holding but not using! Simple and really powerful, without any risk of application breakage.

Instant logoff

As soon as a user session logoff event is sent, Norskale disconnects the session so that the logoff will only proceed on the server side. For the end-user, the desktop or published application closes immediately, providing an instant, no-hassle logoff experience.

Managing desktop configuration & lockdown

Secure the Start menu, Windows Explorer, restrict drives, or prohibit command prompt or regedit without any previous knowledge of the Group Policy Engine. Do you need to apply a specific Windows theme to your virtual desktops but you're still trying to gather all the required actions to enable it? Norskale includes all of the settings administrators will ever need in a simple Environmental Settings interface.

Security thru processes (Blacklist / Whitelist)

Protect your system using dynamically configured software restriction policies, avoiding the time-consuming hassle of Group Policy Objects (GPO) configurations.

Citrix User Profile Management (UPM) control

With Norskale, the useful and free Citrix User Profile Management (UPM) technology is fully controlled via the user-friendly and central Workspace Management console.

End-user Self Services

With Self Services, administrators can easily empower end-users to manage basic tasks, without the need for IT support. For example, even in a fully locked-down environment, administrators can allow users to create shortcuts and select default printers. Norskale remembers all user-created actions and removes them when a resource becomes unassigned. .

Fast installation & configuration

Norskale environments are designed to be up and running quickly. Typically, for a large environment, a POC takes one day and a full install takes two days. The maximum implementation effort is a week for the largest and most complex environments. One day of training will allow IT staff to fully master even the most advanced features.

No technology lock-in

TTechnologies are changing very fast and stay in production for 5-10 years. After that, they need to be decommissioned. This aspect is often overlooked, and because of this, outdated and limited “legacy” systems are still running in enterprise environments today. A company may also want to update their technology before its end of life. Most solutions are designed to force customers to stay with the same vendor; it takes a brave man to break a system that "kind-of-still-works-most-of-the-time." And if you don’t break free then you’ll have to accept any terms the vendor might impose upon you. That means spending a fortune when the time comes to migrate, including the latest version, support, upgrade fees, or high decommissioning costs if there are no suitable upgrade options. With Norskale, it is as simple to uninstall as it was to put in place, and it leaves all your systems fully functional, with zero lock-in and immediate reversibility. Your house, your rules.

Helpdesk simplification

With Actions Modeling integrated into the Administration Console and a Resultant Actions Viewer on the client side, the IT team will immediately know why an action or setting is applied, making it simple and quick to remediate any workspace issue an end-user might experience.

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